Attention!!  This is a volunteer, charity, non-profit business.  I make these bracelets from my own money and time and do not get paid.  All money earned goes to  I travel extensively, But have now moved back to Lafayette!!!  

Back in Louisiana if you want to come by to look at bracelets! I have over 6000 in stock:  men, womens and childrens.  email for an appt or call.

Pictured: 5mm Corrugated Oxidized (antiqued) Sterling Silver  (see Metals page)

Luke 1:28 - And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail thou that art highly favoured, and the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou amoung women.

What is so unique about this bracelet?


This is a full size rosary (with all 5 decades) that makes into a beautiful and stylish bracelet using a strong magnetic clasp.


It allows you to have your rosary handy at all times, in a stylish way - Pray anywhere, anytime.


Great gifts, espcecially for first communion or other special occassions.


What else is so unique:


The profits go to Catholic charities and a few of the bracelets are made by impoverished women (refugees from Nepal and Bhutan). Please be aware this is not a "commercial business".  I voluntarily make these for charity and I do not have help on a daily basis.  I travel frequently, and my family needs take precedence over my charity work.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Opened as a Rosary

Closed as a Bracelet

My granddaughter, Jolie - featuring a 4mm ethiopian brass, opened

denim blue crystal, pictured (fancy scroll cross not advisable, catches on sweaters)

Tips for all of our rosary bracelets

Sizing the Bracelet:


Measure your wrist (snugly) right below the wrist bone on your hand.  Add 1.25" for the correct fit.  You do not want it looser or tighter as the magnet will snap open if too tight or catch on things if too loose.  1/4" either way will be OK.  


NOTE:  Many larger stones cannot be done in small sizes.  And smaller 4mm beads will look way different in a larger size! Size is not determined by people's weight - rather their bone structure.  Ankles/wrist size show whether a person is small/large bone.


Child or Extra Small: 6", 6.25" (no babies or toddlers)   

Older Child:  6.5", 6.75", 7"

Young Teens or very small adults:  7"

Average Adult: 7.25, 7.5,  7.75"

Larger Boned Adults: 8", 8.25

Extra Large: 8.50, 8.75", 9", 9.25"

(No sizes for toddlers due to choking hazard)


Opening and closing the clasp:


Very important!!  The clasp is magnetic and opens by sliding the two pieces of clasp side to side and apart instead of pulling it apart. Be careful to put pressure only on the magnet (not the side rings- which are the weakest point).  If you pull the magnet apart,  you may break the bracelet.  Please instruct gift recipients on how to properly open.  The WEAKEST point of the bracelet is 

is the rings on the sides of the magnets.


Tip:  I use my thumb and index finger of the opposite hand to remove it quickly and effectively.  

Attention: For Elderly!!!

Sometimes the magnets are too strong for Elderly or people with arthritis.  A weaker magnet can be custom ordered.  Or email me about stock available.