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Custom Bracelets:
I have over 1000 bracelets in inventory and I really need to sell these to cover my costs.  So I would rather sell my inventory, naturally, but I don't refuse custom orders.  My website doesn't come close to accommodating all of my inventory.  The website has only my most popular sellers.  And I don't have time to make the website live reflection of inventory.  I will contact you if I don't have the exact size or specific bracelet you order to see if substitutions are possible.  Please keep in mind:  this is a voluntary business!  I voluntarily make these for charity.  I do not sell for retail purposes or profit.
In cases where you would like to make your own selections, I can custom make a bracelet to your specifications with you first selecting the bead in the picture from the inventory page and then specifying the items below.  Please realize this may take a little longer to get to you vs. the ones in inventory.
In addition to the beads, you can select from a choice of the following 3 key items:
1.) Select Gold plate (gold tarnishes quicker), Silver,  or Bronze* (*magnets only come in gold or silver, bronze blends better with silver magnet)  Or for a cost upgrade you can have 14K gold fill Our Fathers (no choices, only corrugated or crystal with rondelle)

2.) Select either Crucifix or Decorative Cross (l use what I have in inventory from the following pictures)

3.) Select Medal - Ex: Miraculous, Divine Mercy, St Benedict, or Our Lady of Guadalupe/(back: Sacred Heart)


To order your custom bracelet:


1.) Select your bracelet from the Inventory page


2.)  In the shopping cart, select the size and make the selection of the items from above in the dialogue box provided- you can write details in the notes section of the shopping cart.  Or message me and I will provide my phone number.


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