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WRIST MEASUREMENT (SNUG) + 1.25"  Wrists measuring over 7" add only 1" cli

Heading 2


I travel extensively.  Website doesn't reflect current inventory.  Please contact me to visit my inventory.


Custom orders: usually within a week -unless I am traveling, then it may be a few weeks



Shipping will be Priority Mail - $10.  (I recently had 3 packages lost with no recourse using First Class mail, but if you accept liability I can ship first class for $4.50)



Due to customs fees, it's not really feasible to ship overseas.  But if you are willing to pay international rates, I'm willing to find the least expensive method.


We accept returns within 30 days.  Will repair broken defective magnets or bracelets within 30 days - Please retain all of the pieces possible.  Will restring bracelets pulled apart and improperly opened for a $20 fee.  Please exercise caution when wearing and remove when doing physical, strenuous activities or showering.  Will change out tarnished findings for a $20 fee.  If you have had the bracelet more than 1 year, please replace.  This is not fine jewelry.  Please instruct gift recipients on how to open the bracelet.  Each re-string is completely remaking!  This is a charity business! 

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